AirFlex® DUO

With permanent low air loss facility

2 Cell-Cycle Alternating Pressure Mattress Replacement System

AirFlex® DUO is a high quality, cost effective 2 cell-cycle alternating pressure mattress designed to prevent pressure injuries in patients who are at high risk of their development. AirFlex® DUO is recommended for nursing patients with limited mobility who require occasional repositioning and will also accelerate the healing of existing stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcers.

AirFlex® DUO is a large cell, dynamic mattress that provides the rapid changes in airflow required to stimulate reactive hyperaemia in the deep tissues surrounding the bony prominences. The mattress has in-built pressure sensors which automatically adjust to patient’s weight and changes in body position. Advanced engineering and a quality compressor have created a dynamic support surface that is therapeutic for patients weighing from 20 to 220 kg.

AirFlex® DUO is part of the new innovative ‘cost effective’ range of mattress solutions designed to fulfill the requirements of ‘affordable healthcare.’

Patient Safety and Comfort

  • 2 cell-cyle with a 10 minute cycle time provides regular relief of interface pressure
  • Cell-in-cell technology improves patient comfort and safety by providing a permanently inflated base portion beneath the active alternating component of the air-cell
  • Dual pressure settings improve comfort for frail and underweight patients without compromising pressure relief
  • Fully automatic adjustment to patient weight and body position
  • Dual comfort settings available within both static and dynamic modes to suit individual patient comfort or clinical requirements

Additional nursing support

  • Audible and visual alarms provide peace of mind for nursing staff
  • Rapid deflation on release of CPR connector
  • Static mode provides a firm and stable surface for essential nursing procedures such as physiotherapy, wound dressing and changing bed linen
  • Static mode defaults to Alternating mode after 30 minutes
  • Transport mode ensures the mattress remains inflated for 8 hours in the event of a mains power failure
  • Cable management system ensures power cable can be safely and securely retained off the floor
  • V-Lock system prevents accidental disconnection of the power cord

Maximises Infection Control

  • Waterproof, vapour permeable, Dartex® covers provide microclimate control at the skin/mattress interface
  • The additional feature of permanent low air loss prevents the build up of moisture vapour with in the mattress system
  • Contributes to the microclimate stated in first bullet point above
Technical Specification
Number of cells


Mattress material

Cells: Polyurethane
Cover: Two-way stretch Polyurethane coated Nylon


Class B Medical Device / Class II

Mattress – flammability rating

Complies with BS7175 ignition source 0, 1 and 5

Power unit – flammability rating / ingress protection

UL 94 V-0 / IP 42

Power supply / power consumption:

230 V~ ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz 20 W max

Mattress sizes18 Cells: 1880 x 880 x 200 mm (standard)
18 Cells: 1880 x 800 x 200 mm (narrow)
19 Cells: 2000 x 880 x 200 mm
20 Cells: 2050 x 880 x 200 mm
20 Cells: 2050 x 1050 x 200 mm (Kingsize)

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