(Single/Integrated Cell)

2 Cell-Cycle Alternating Pressure Air Overlay

AIRSTREAM is a highly efficient, 2 cell-cycle alternating overlay that provides excellent relief of deep pressure, especially if placed on top of a high specification foam pressure relieving mattress. It is a large cell, dynamic overlay that provides the rapid changes in airflow required to stimulate reactive hyperaemia in the deep tissues about the bony prominences.

In-built pressure sensors and sophisticated electronic circuitry allows for automatic adjustment to patient weight and changes in body position. Advanced engineering and a powerful compressor have created a dynamic support surface that is therapeutic for patients weighing from 30 to 180 kg.
AIRSTREAM features a single layer of 18 individual air-cells held in a fixed position beneath the body by firm attachment to longitudinally placed, permanently inflated, side formers which prevent bed rail entrapment and reduce the risk of falls. This firm edge of the overlay increases patient safety during bed exits and transfers to chair or trolley.

Permanently inflated side formers prevent entrapment and reduce the risk of falls. The firm edge of the overlay increases patient safety during bed exits and transfers to chair or trolley. AIRSTREAM is fully automatic and recommended for the treatment and prevention of pressure injury in both acute and long term care facilities as well as in the community. The firm edge of the overlay makes it the alternating overlay of choice when nursing elderly patients with a high falls risk.

Patient Safety and Comfort

  • 10 minute cycle time provides regular periods of pressure relief
  • Wide diameter tubing throughout the overlay enables rapid air-cell deflation 6 times per hour
  • Low interface pressures for maximum patient comfort
  • Dual pressure settings improve comfort for frail patients without compromising pressure relief
  • Adjustable comfort control within static and dynamic modes to suit patient and clinical requirements
  • Supportive but dynamic overlay enhances quality of sleep
  • Permanently inflated side formers increase patient safety for bed exits or transfers to chair or trolley
  • Fully automatic adjustment to patient weight and body position
  • Quiet power unit with display panel showing system status
  • Profiling and knee-break facility allows patient to comfortably recline or sit up without compromising pressure care

Microclimate Control

  • The optimised moisture vapour transmission rate of the Dartex® coverallows control of the microclimate
  • Reduction of both temperature and moisture at the skin/mattress interface decreases the risk of pressure injury as well as enhancing patient comfort

Additional Nursing Supportl

  • Rapid deflation on activating CPR Release
  • Audible and visual alarms provides peace of mind for nursing staff
  • Static mode provides a firm and stable surface for essential nursing
    procedures such as physiotherapy, wound dressing and linen changing
  • Static mode defaults to alternating after 30 minutes
  • Side formers offer additional support to patients who are at risk of falls or when transferring to chair or trolley
  • Transport mode ensures the mattress remains inflated for 8 hours in the event of a mains power failure
  • Cable management system ensures power cable can be safely and securely retained
  • V-Lock system prevents accidental disconnection of the power cord

Maximise Infection Control

  • Waterproof, multi-stretch, vapour permeable, Dartex® covers provide microclimate control at the skin/mattress interface and protect against the ingress of body fluids
  • 360° zip protected by a generous waterfall flap allows covers to be easily removed for infection control and high temperature laundering
  • Smooth covers reduce shear and friction and allow for easy wipe down with disinfectant
  • Vapour permeable, waterproof Dartex® covers have an anti-microbial agent incorporated in the polyurethane coating as an added protection against bacterial contamination

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Number of cells 18
Mattress material Cells: Polyurethane
Cover: Two-way stretch Polyurethane coated Nylon
Classification Class B Medical Device / Class II
Mattress – flammability rating Complies with BS7175 ignition source 0, 1 and 5
Power unit – flammability rating / ingress protection UL 94 V-0 / IP 42
Power supply / power consumption: 230 V~ ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz 20 W max

Mattress Dimensions

Mattress sizes
2000 x 850 x120 mm (single cell)
2000 x 850 x 160 mm (increased height)
1850 x 880 x 100 mm (integrated cell)
Max. patient weight 180 kg
Pump unit dimensions 400 x 160 x 250 mm
Mattress weight 4.2 kg
Pump weight 2.8 kg