Welcome to Rober

Rober’s mission is to avoid pressure ulcers in people who are considered to be “at risk.”

Pressure ulcers can cause immense pain and present a treatment problem for healthcare providers. They can result in prolonged hospital stays and even death. Treating pressure ulcers can be costly, using precious resources. Estimates suggest that 80-95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable, so it’s a case of prevention being better than cure.

At Rober we develop and manufacture ‘zero pressure’ mattresses, which use automatically controlled changes in airflow through their cell construction to vary and eliminate localised pressure. Our dynamic supports are designed with input from medical professionals to minimise the risk of pressure ulcers in people with restricted movement. They also reduce the need for manual repositioning, reducing the burden on nursing and carer support.

Rober’s mattress systems and cushions mimic the body’s natural movements. They provide comfort for the patient and help to avoid pressure ulcers. They can also be used to promote healing of existing pressure injury.

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Our products

Rober mattresses are designed for the medical care of patients who are at risk of pressure injury or for people who already have a pressure ulcer.

We offer two product platforms. The NoDec® is our highly specified premium product, including overlay and replacement options. Our handy Product Selector will help you decide which mattress best suits your needs.

The new AirFlex® is Rober’s standard product family. AirFlex® retains many of Rober’s signature features.

NoDec® and AirFlex® are manufactured in the UK in Rober’s ISO 9001:2015 approved facility

Client testimonials

“We like the NoDec® range because it offers our patients a high quality zero pressure solution. Nurses love the fact it is ‘zero pressure’ as they don’t have to worry about turning the patient as often as they would on other pressure ulcer mattresses.”

João Paulo Sancho

“We have sold Rober mattresses in Norway for over 10 years and during this time I have found them to be very reliable, well designed and manufactured to the highest quality. We have often been told that NoDec® mattresses play an important role for successful healing of pressure ulcers in all categories. The technology works well for both treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.”

Øyvind Skaar

“Rober’s mattresses are very reliable and designed to a very high quality. The cells are soft and offer comfort to the patient. They are designed to prevent and heal pressure injuries and offer a great treatment solution. We always get great feedback from nurses and hospitals across Demark.”

Steen Kristensen