Automatic Pressure Relief Mattresses for Healthcare Markets

Automatic Pressure Relief Mattresses for Healthcare Markets

Designer and Manufacturer of Zero Pressure Technology for the Treatment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers.

Developed in conjunction
with clinicians

The mattresses feature clinically proven technology that prevents pressure injuries from developing. They also have therapeutic properties that promote the healing of established ulcers.

Patient Focused

The patient is at the heart of everything we do.

By working closely with leading medical and healthcare practitioners, we can offer the latest in pressure injury prevention and therapy.

Fully Configurable

Here at ROBER, we understand that all patients are different, with varying needs and requirements, our advanced technology control systems are fully configurable to each patient.

Engineered to last

ROBER manufactures its products in the UK under ISO 9001:2015 standards and all are CE marked.

We are delighted to fly the flag for Britain as we deliver cost-effective avoidance and management of pressure ulcers around the globe.

Why Not See What Our Customers Say?

Why Not See What Our Customers Say?

Our customer feedback is at the forefront of our product development. Please let us know if you think there is a way we could improve our range of ‘Zero Pressure’ mattresses.

“We like the NoDec® range because it offers our patients a high quality zero pressure solution. Nurses love the fact it is ‘zero pressure’ as they don’t have to worry about turning the patient as often as they would on other pressure ulcer mattresses.”

João Paulo Sancho, Portugal

“We have sold Rober mattresses in Norway for over 10 years and during this time I have found them to be very reliable, well designed and manufactured to the highest quality. We have often been told that NoDec® mattresses play an important role for successful healing of pressure ulcers in all categories. The technology works well for both treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.”

Øyvind Skaar, Norway

“Rober’s mattresses are very reliable and designed to a very high quality. The cells are soft and offer comfort to the patient. They are designed to prevent and heal pressure injuries and offer a great treatment solution. We always get great feedback from nurses and hospitals across Demark.”

Steen Kristensen, Demark

State-of-the-art pressure elimination

An innovative range of mattresses designed to fulfil the requirements of affordable healthcare

The mattress features advanced solenoid technology to facilitate the rapid redirection of airflow that enables the regular and effective off-loading of interface pressure on vulnerable tissue.

Fully automatic, freeing up time & specialist skills

The perfect choice where patients have limited mobility

The mattresses are fully automatic, and patients nursed upon them require less frequent manual repositioning, thus relieving the pressure on busy nursing staff. They can be used in everyday nursing environments, as well as acute care facilities.

The ROBER Distribution Network

ROBER works with its distributor partners to deliver its innovative ‘zero pressure’ solutions around the world.