Pressure ulcers are an important and growing problem

Pressure ulcers are an important and growing problem

ROBER has deep roots in the avoidance of pressure ulcers.

The company was established in 1995 by the Managing Director of ‘Pegasus Airwave Limited’, a company renowned for developing state-of-the-art pressure care mattresses. Rober took the principle of ‘zero pressure’ and developed it into its pioneering designs. In 2006 Speed Plastics acquired the company and relocated it to Chesterfield, UK.

Pressure ulcers are an important and growing problem, yet the condition is largely avoidable. Rober’s mission is to play its part in helping healthcare providers to deliver pressure ulcer-free care.

Made in Great Britain

At ROBER we never stand still. Working on the same principles as the original ‘Pegasus Airwave,’ Rober’s new range is an evolution in performance and clinical efficacy. The company is working on solutions to ensure all countries, including emerging markets, have access to cost-effective mattress solutions that match their needs.

ROBER manufactures its products in the UK under ISO 9001:2015 standards and all are CE marked.

We are delighted to fly the flag for Britain as we deliver cost-effective avoidance and management of pressure ulcers around the globe.

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