Pioneering wheelchair cushions designed for comfort and pressure redistribution

Millions of people who are either seat-bound or wheelchair-bound are at serious risk of developing acute pressure sores as a direct result of using inappropriate seating. Most seating aids for home use are made from foam materials which may provide some comfort but do not prevent the possibility of pressure sores developing. 

The perfect solution is SupaSupport wheelchair cushions, designed and manufactured by pressure ulcer specialist Rober. Offering maximum comfort and pressure redistribution the innovative wheelchair cushions have been specifically designed to prevent pressure ulcers from occurring.  

The unique design means any weight placed on the cushion will give counter-pressure to other areas, specifically where the pressure is the lowest. This ensures pressure is equal, independent of length, weight, or position of the person. 

Another unique quality of the SupaSupport wheelchair cushion is that it will automatically adjust itself, offering comfort to the areas of the body that needs it most. 

It also includes a unique inflatable cushion which has been specially designed to circulate air and prevent overheating and excessive sweating.

The SupaSupport range consists of two cushion models – airform 600 and airform 600+ – which have both been designed for people who are at medium to high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.  

Both systems have an inflatable inner core made up of air pockets, which is hand-inflated with a hand bulb and can be supplied with the choice of either zipped, welded, foam or inflatable covers.

SupaSupport wheelchair cushions offer maximum comfort and pressure redistribution specifically designed to prevent pressure ulcers from occurring.  The cushions come in two variations: 

airform 600 

The airform 600 is a unique inflatable cushion which effectively distributes pressure for ultimate comfort. A hand inflator is used to initially pump air into the cushion. Once inflated, air passes through internal pockets by the body’s natural movement. The core cushion is also surrounded by a combination of foam materials designed for optimum air circulation and effective moisture dissipation. 

airform 600+

The airform 600+ includes all of the above 600 system specifications and an easy-to-use LCD unit which allows the user to control the comfort level for optimum pressure relief. The system also allows the user to adjust for their own personal comfort with easy-to-remember settings. This makes adjusting the cushion a simple operation for occupational therapists. 

All cushions come in a number of standard sizes, however, custom sizes including bariatric can be accommodated. If in doubt, consult your Occupational Therapist for further information.


Rober has chosen the best possible materials to offer maximum comfort and pressure ulcer protection.

Polyurethane coated textiles provide hard-wearing covers for pressure relief support surfaces. The materials have excellent stretch properties, making the formation of folds highly unlikely, so that the risk of the development of pressure sores is greatly reduced. The fabric used is also breathable and soft, making it comfortable and pleasant to touch as well as waterproof. The seams, which are high-frequency welded, are also fluid proof, providing additional protection against ingress. This combination of waterproof materials with welded seams makes SupaSupport impermeable to body fluids and offers complete protection of the cushion. In addition, the materials used to manufacture SupaSupport products are free from PVC, making them environmentally friendly and therefore requiring no special disposal procedures.


SupaSupport welded covers can be wiped down with a mild detergent – see user manual for full cleaning instructions. SupaSupport zipped covers are washable and will stand temperatures up to 60ºC and are tumbler resistant. They are reusable, have a long life and are therefore extremely cost-effective.

Extra Protection

Extra fire protection is provided by the fabric being flame retardant to BS7177:1996 (Ign. Source Crib 5 for Medium Hazard) and can be manufactured to conform to Oko-tex Standard 100 if required. The fabric is also coated to protect against microfungi and bacteria, making it ideal for patients prone to allergic reactions. There is no sign of bacterial attack even under warm and humid conditions.